immersive experience and promotion campaign

As a part of academic experience at Istituto Marangoni,  collaborated
with the brand Fornasetti on the immersive experience project for Design
Week Milan 23’. The brand asked to create an online immersive experience
revolving  around its savoire-faire, uniqueness, history and originality.

The concept of the project is “No Boundaries to Imagination”, inspired by the painting “City of Cards” by Piero Fornasetti. The surreal  setting in the painting, the extraordinary  scale and composition of the cards have evoked an urge to create a replica of the playing  cards as a labyrinth space for the online immersive experience.

Digital,  imaginary world of Fornasetti, on their website, where people were expected to enter the labyrinth made of cards and immerse into the process of creation of iconic Fornasetti items.

Creating a mysterious visual story on Fornasetti’s instagram page a week before the event. The 3 posts in the feed show the look of the actual labyrinth.

Sending  out  Fornasetti BOX with a piece of City of Cards inside, as an invitation to the VIP customers. On one of the cards  a QR code led to Fornasetti’s website, where customers could explore the labyrinth digitally.

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