interactive visual story on instagram

Visual story on instagram, which is an interactive astrology themed advent calendar, where instagram users were given a chance to find THEATTICO’s items based on their zodiac signs. The idea was to give instagram users, THEATTICO lovers, or in general, horoscope fans an opportunity to engage in an unconventional yet captivating online shopping experience directly on instagram.


There are 6 accounts in total, out of which the first one represents closed advent calendar, the second is the open adventcalendar / PENTHOUSE. In this visual story, only account #1 and #2 are connected in a linear way,  the rest is up to the user:) He or she just needs to find the right element, and then the right zodiac sign.

To go from one account to another, in search of zodiac element, users are expected to find, and then click on the "tagged" account in one of the posts of the account #2. The "tag" feature of instagram is employed as a button that opens another "world". Instead, to find a specific zodiac sign, users are expected to click on the right post, on each of the accounts dedicated to zodiacal elements like: water, earth, fire, air.

Once users find a post dedicated to their zodiac sign, they are able to purchase THEATTICO items by clicking on the "shop" buttons.


Tap on the red dot to try the interactive experience,
and find out more!

People who ordered THEATTICO items via interactive instagram page, received their parcels in a customized packaging, designed according  to their astrological element.